Watermelon Wheat

3rd place, Fruit Beers (20A), 2009 Dixie Cup

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one. Watermelon is an extremely subtle flavor, and the possibility of losing it amongst the malt and hops is quite high. But sure enough, there is a distinct, crisp, floral watermelon essence to these. This is also my first attempt at "dry hopping" in the secondary fermenter. I am pleased to say it worked out great.

I apologize for not being creative with the name on this one. Christy and I tossed around such monstrosities as "Wheatermelon" and "Waterm-ale-on", but in the end, the simplest solution won out.


Original: 1.060
Transfer: 1.016
Final: 1.010
6.56% ABV How is this calculated?


5 lbs Munton's Wheat DME (55%/45%)
1 lb Light Crystal Malt
1 oz Tettnanger hops pellets
1 oz Willamette hops pellets
1010 WYeast American Wheat yeast
1/2 gallon watermelon juice
3 cups watermelon juice and 3/4 cups sugar (bottling)
1 tsp Irish Moss


In 3 gallons water, steep crystal malt at 175 for 30 minutes
Add DME, bring to a boil and add Tettnanger hops
After 45 minutes, add 1/2 oz Willamette hops and 1 tsp irish moss
Boil an additional 15 minutes.
Cool to 80, top off with enough water to make 5 gallons, and pitch yeast.
After 1 week in primary, rack to secondary and add 1/2 gallon watermelon juice and 1/2 oz Willamette hops.
After 2 weeks in secondary, add 3/4 cup sugar to 3 cups watermelon juice. SG on this mixture should be about 1.080. Use this mixture as your bottling primer.

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