Second Runnings Club Brew

Brewed 12/4/11
Kegged 1/25/12
The primary beer style was American Barleywine. This was just the second runnings (some would call it parti-gyle) after the initial sparge was finished. Even with the addition of De Smet hops, this is a fairly decent brew. Malty, with hops heavier than I normally prefer, but still good. If I were to place this in a style, I would call it an IPA.


Initial 1.066
Transfer 1.016
Final 1.013
6.96% ABV How is this calculated?


50 lbs Great Western Two-row malt
2 lbs Crystal Malt (15L)
2 lbs Crystal Malt (75L)
0.5 lbs Pale Chocolate Malt
0.5 lbs Special B Malt
2 oz Amarillo whole hops (mash)
2 oz De Smet Cascade hop pellets
4 cups Turtle Mountain yeast


Mash at 149 for 110 minutes.
Mash out at 160 for 10 minutes.
Sparge at 178 to obtain 15 gallons (main brew).
Allow second runnings to collect for 8 gallons.
Boil second runnings and reduce to 5 gallons.
Add De Smet hops in the last 45 minutes of the boil.
Cool to 70, pitch yeast, and ferment for 5 weeks.
Transfer to secondary, and let settle for 2 weeks.

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