Mango and Pineapple Lambic

Do you remember that time you got pregnant in high school? You were so embarrased, and you didn't want anyone to know. Then when you finally gave birth on prom night, you stuffed the body in the bathroom trashcan, hoping to pretend it never happened. Yeah, that's this batch.

This was spilt into two halves - mango and pineapple. As far as lambics go, the base brew actually turned out OK. The sourness comes through, and there is a distinct pucker factor. However, all traces of either mango or pineapple have evaproated completely.

You can taste a difference between the two, but I believe it's because the pineapple half got infected, if it's possible to infect a lambic.

In any case, after soaking my carboys in bleach, we'll shall never speak of this batch again.

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