Just Because! English Barleywine

First Place, Strong Ales (19B), 2012 Enchanted Brewing Challenge
Second Place, Strong Ales (19B), 2012 NM State Fair Pro-Am
Second Place, Strong Ales (19B), 2013 Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines Festival

Brewed 10/30/11
Bottled 2/7/12

This was a protest brew to counter-act the American Barelywine Club Brew. Initial taste tests show it to have rich, malty notes with raisin, plum, caramel, coffee, apple, and a touch of licorice. I cut the secondary fermentation short by about 4 months, since the airlock showed no activity, and competition season is warming up.

As has happened with all my "monster" brews, bottle conditioning produced zero carbonation, so a fresh dollop of champagne yeast was added to help the bubbles along. It worked wonderfully, and these turned into a real treat.


Initial: 1.118 !
Transfer: 1.034 (12/3/11)
Final: 1.034 (2/7/12)
11.03% ABV How is this calculated?


2.5 lbs light crystal malt (20L)
2.25 lbs Cara-foam
2 lbs Munich I (Light Munich)
1 lb malted wheat
2 oz chocolate malt
13.20 lbs Extra Light LME (9.9 and 3.3 segments)
1 oz UK Target hops pellets (10.7%)
1 oz US Golding hops pellets (4.9%)
3 oz UK Challenger hops pellets (7.2%)
1 pouch Wyeast 1007 German Ale yeast (starter)
1 pouch Wyeast 1335 British Ale II yeast


Yeast Starter:
Disolve 1/2 lb LME into a quart of water.
Heat to boiling for 5 minutes, then cool to 80.
Transfer to growler and pitch German Ale yeast.
Allow to proof at least 24 hours.

Bring 4 gallons water to 150
Steep grains for 45 minutes between 150 and 175.
Disolve 9.9 lbs LME and bring to a boil.
Add Target and one oz Challenger hops and boil for 30 minutes.
Add remaining 2 oz Challenger hops. Continue boil for 30 additional minutes.
Disolve 3.3 lbs LME and continue boil for 15 minutes.
Add 1 tsp irish moss and boil 15 minutes.
In the last minute of the boil, add 1 oz US Golding hops.
Cool to 85, pitch both starter and British Ale.
Ferment at 70 for one month, then rack to secondary.
Let settle for 2 months before bottling.

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