Brewed 1/15/12 and 1/29/12
Kegged 2/11/12 and 2/21/12

These were my first all-grain hefe attempts. The gravity was a bit low on the first try, and a little research told me that my wheat kernels weren't crushed well enough. The second attempt faired much better.

I must say these are lacking the strong clove, banana, and bubble gum that I fell in love with. The aromas and tastes are still there, just not enough to get excited about. They're certainly drinkable, and they won't go to waste. I think a little practice will definitely make perfect.


Initial 1.045 / 1.053
Transfer 1.009 / 1.008
Final 1.006 / 1.008
5.12% ABV / 5.91% ABV How is this calculated?


5.25 lb Wheat malt
4.74 lb Belgian 2-row pale malt
0.25 lb Munich I malt
1 oz Hallertau (4.6%) hop pellets @ 60 minutes
1 pouch Wyeast 3056 Bavarian Wheat


4.5 gal mash water @ 155 for 70 minutes (Strike @ 175)
sparge @ 185 to collect 6 gallons
Bring to a boil and add hops
Boil for 60 minutes, then cool to 80
Add yeast and ferment for 2 weeks.
Transfer to secondary and let settle for 2 weeks.
Keg at 17 PSI @ 45 (2.69 Vol CO2)

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