Hair of the Dog of Flanders Red Ale

Brewed 12/4/11
Bottled 6/15/12
I'm still trying to dial in my all-grain technique. As evidenced by the insanely low OG on this batch, I believe my main issue is not enough mash water (3 gallons in this case), not stirring enough during the mash, and sparging too quickly. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

The resulting brew is good and sour. The flavors have blended nicely, and other than the fact that it's a little thin, this is a classic Flanders Red Ale.


Initial 1.035
Transfer 1.006 (1/9/12)
Final 1.005 (6/15/12)
3.94% ABV How is this calculated?


7.0 lbs 2-row pale malt
1.5 lbs flaked maize
1.0 lb Vienna malt
1.5 lbs CaraMunich malt
3.0 oz chocolate malt
8.0 oz biscuit malt
10 oz acidulated malt
2 oz special B malt
12 oz wheat malt
1.0 lb rice hulls
.5 oz German Spalt hops (3.9%) (60 mins)
.5 oz Northern Brewer hops (9.6%) (20 mins)
.5 oz German Spalt hops (3.9%) (5 mins)
Wyeast 1028 (London Ale) yeast and Wyeast 3278 (Lambic Blend)
Wyeast 5526 (Brettanomyces lambicus) or White Labs WLP653 (Brettanomyces lambicus) yeast
.75 cup light DME (priming)


Mash at 150 for 1 hour.
Sparge with 190 water until 6 gallons is collected.
Bring to a boil and add 1/2 oz Spalt (3.9%) hops
Boil for 40 minutes then add 1/2 oz Northern Brewer (9.6%) hops
Boil 15 minutes more, then add remaining 1/2 oz Spalt (3.9%) hops
Boil an additional 5 minutes
Cool to 80, then Pitch both Wyeast 1028 and 3278 at the same time.
Ferment for 5 weeks then rack to secondary.
Allow to settle for 6 months (yes, months).
Bottle with 3/4 cup light DME disolved in 1 cup boiling water.

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