Christmas Eve Belgian Dubbel

This is an organic beer kit purchased from the fine people at Seven Bridges Coopertive in an effort to "go green". However, since it was bottled on Chrsitmas Eve, 2008, we should call it "going evergreen". Ha Ha Ha. Oh, I've had one too many.

In all honesty, these are more bitter than I usally care for, but it seems to work. They have a slightly minty flavor to them, and if you close your eyes and really use your imagination, there is a hint of rootbeer somewhere in there.

These are best enjoyed while curled up in a blanket in front of the fireplace.


Initial 1.072
Transfer 1.022
Final 1.021
8.01% ABV How is this calculated?


(All ingredients are organic except for Irish Moss and Yeast)
6 lbs pale liquid malt extract
2 lbs Gambrinus pale ale malt
.75 lbs Gambrinus Munich malt
.75 lbs Briess caramel malt (20L)
.5 lbs Briess caramel malt (60L)
.25 lbs Briess extra special malt
1 lb cane sugar
.5 oz German Perle hop pellets (15 IBU)
1 oz Kent Goldings whole hops (13 IBU)
.5 oz German Spalt Select hop pellets (aroma)
6 g Coopers dry ale yeast
.5 tsp Irish Moss
.75 cup cane sugar (for priming)


Place grains in a mesh grain bag and steep in 2 gallons of water for 1 hour
Sparge the grains with enough water to fill the brew kettle to 5 gallons
Bring kettle to a boil, and remove from heat
Disolve liquid malt extract and 1 lb cane sugar. Return kettle to a boil
Add German Perle hops and boil for 40 minutes
Add Kent Goldings hops and Irish Moss. Boil for 15 additional minutes
Add German Spalt hops and boil for 5 more minutes
Remove kettle from heat and immerse in ice-water bath.
Cool wort to about 70 degrees and transfer to primary fermenter
Add yeast and allow to ferment for 1 week
Transfer to secondary fermenter for 3 additional weeks
Disolve .75 cup cane sugar in 2 cups of boiling water
Siphon beer from secondary to bottling bucket
Bottle and store for 2 weeks before chilling

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