Chupacabra Stout

3rd place, Spice / Herb / Vegetable Beer (21A), 2011 Lunar Rendezbrew
3rd place, Spice / Herb / Vegetable Beer (21A), 2011 Dixie Cup

Brewed 5/7/11
Bottled 6/9/11

Chupacabra (choo pə käb' rə) n. [Sp. chupar, to suck; cabra, goat. Literally "goat sucker"]

1. A legendary vampire-like creature rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It supposedly feeds on livestock blood, leaving small puncture wounds in the animal's neck, with no telltale sign of a struggle.

2. A stout beer infused with red chile and cocoa nibs for your drinking pleasure.

Taste tests during transfer showed the chocolate to be WAY too overpowering. The chile was most certainly there, but the chocolate made it very cloying. A week after bottling, the carbonation is beginning to set in, and I'm happy to say the chocolate has mellowed out. The spice of the chiles hits on the back of your tongue and provides a nice balance with the sweetness.

Not bad, but it's a little thin, which may thicken up once they are properly carbonated. If I were to do this again, I would certainly use less chocolate and more chiles.


Initial 1.063
Transfer 1.020
Final 1.018
5.91% ABV How is this calculated?


.5 lb Crystal malt
.5 lb Chocolate malt
.5 lb Roasted unmalted barley
6.6 lbs Light LME
1 oz New Mexico Cascade Hops (8.1%)
4 oz (about 20) dried New Mexico red chile pods
5 oz cocoa nibs
1 tsp Irish Moss
1 pouch Wyeast 1318 (London Ale) Yeast
.75 cup table sugar for priming


In 3.5 gallons water, steep grains between 150 and 175 for 45 minutes.
While grains are steeping, remove most of the seeds from, and wash the outsides of, the chile pods. Set aside.
Disolve LME and bring to a boil.
Boil 20 minutes, then add hops.
Boil an additional 20 minutes, then add chile pods, cocoa nibs, and irish moss.
Boil 20 more minutes, remove from heat, cool to 70, then pitch yeast.
Ferment at room temperature (70) for 10 days
Transfer to secondary and let settle for 2 weeks before bottling.
Bottle and store for at least 1 month before chilling.

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