Blueberry Porter

2nd place, Fruit Beers (20A), 2010 Cactus Challenge

Brewed 6/18/10
I had a dream that I was drinking a blueberry porter. The next morning, I woke up, found a recipe, got the ingredients, and brewed it. Not much to describe except that it's a blueberry porter. Imagine a porter, with blueberries.


Initial 1.048
Transfer 1.016
Final 1.010
4.99% ABV How is this calculated?


0.25 lb. chocolate malt
0.25 lb. black patent malt
0.5 lb. crystal malt, (60)
5 lbs. unhopped dark dry malt extract
0.5 oz. Challenger hops (4%)
0.5 oz. Fuggle hops (2.5%)
0.5 oz. Mt. Hood hops (2%)
Wyeast 1742 (Swedish Ale)
4 lbs. whole frozen blueberries
3/4 cup sugar (priming)
1 lb lactose


Heat 5.5 gallons water to 150
Steep chocolate, black patent, and crystal malts for 40 minutes
Add DME and bring to a boil
Add Challenger hops and boil 30 minutes
Add Fuggle hops and boil 20 minutes more
Add Mt. Hood hops and boil 10 minutes more
Cool to 80 and pitch yeast
Ferment 1 week, then rack into secondary and add blueberries
Ferment for 2 weeks, then bottle
Store for 2 weeks before chilling

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