Tweedle Dee Witbier

Brewed 3/30/13
Bottled 4/21/13

My second attempt at an entry for the 2013 Big Batch. Again, a late start to the brew day (3:00pm), but it's springtime now, and the sun stays up a bit longer.

I got a surprisingly low starting gravity, and I'm not quite sure how. With 25% of the grain bill being flaked wheat, it's possible that a single-infusion mash just doesn't draw out the fermentables.


Initial: 1.036
Transfer: 1.006
Final: 1.006
3.68% ABV How is this calculated?


4.50 lb Belgian Pale malt
2.25 lb White Wheat malt
2.25 lb Flaked wheat
1 oz E. Kent Goldings hop pellets (5.3%)
15 grams dried orange peel
6 grams crushed coriander seed
1 gram (about 4 teabags) chamomille
1 vial WLP400 (Belgian Wit Ale) yeast


Mash in 2.5 gallons water at 150F for 30 minutes.
Sparge to collect 5 gallons.
Bring to a boil and add hops.
Boil for 55 minutes, then add add orange peel, coriander, and chamomille.
Boil an additional 5 minutes.
Cool to 75 and pitch yeast.
Ferment at 70 for 2 weeks.
Transfer to secondary and let settle at 70 for 2 weeks before bottling.

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