Take Your Time Lager

Brewed 8/14/11
My very first solo all-grain batch. So named because it took me so darn long to step beyond extract and partial mash, and also because the yeast took about 36 hours to start showing any kind of activity.


Initial 1.055
Transfer 1.012
Final 1.010
5.91% ABV How is this calculated?


9.5 lbs 2-row pale malt
10 oz Crystal (10) malt
.75 lb flaked maize
.5 lb rice hulls
.5 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) hop pellets
.25 oz Saaz (3.0%) hop pellets
.5 oz Wye Challenger (7.0%) hop pellets
1 tsp Irish Moss
1 vial WLP840 American Lager Yeast


Mash grains with 3 gallons of water @ 125 for 30 minutes.
Heat to 150 and mash for 60 minutes.
Sparge at 150 to obtain 5 gallons.
Bring to a boil and add Northern Brewer and Saaz hops.
Boil for 45 minutes, then add Irish Moss.
Boil 5 more minutes, then add Challenger hops.
Boil an additional 10 minutes, then cool to 80
Pitch yeast, then wait v-e-r-y patiently for it to kick off.
Ferment at 50 for 2 weeks.
Raise temperature to 65 for 36 hours (diacetyl rest), then rack to secondary.
Over the course of 3 days, reduce temperature to 35 (10 per day), and lager for 2-3 weeks.

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