Strawberries and Cream Dream

Brewed 8/15/13
Bottled 9/2/13

This is my attempt at an "aphrodisiac" beer. The special category for Dixie Cup XXX played on the "XXX" part, and decided on an X-Rated, aphrodisiac theme.

This is a 2.5 gallon batch of cream ale, with strawberry extract and lactose. As a special touch, edible gold powder was added to give sparkle and shimmer.

A bit on the hoppy side, these came out exactly as you would expect. Sweet, strawberry tones dominate, with a slight grainy, almost corn-like aftertaste. The gold powder creates an irridescent, swirling effect. Not bad if you're trying to get in the mood.


Initial 1.036
Transfer 1.005
Final 1.005
4.07% ABV How is this calculated?


3.50 lbs Belgian pale malt
1.00 lbs Vienna malt
0.50 lbs Cara-pils
0.25 lbs Crystal malt (10L)
0.75 oz Cascade hop pellets (5.7%)
1/2 tablet Whirfloc
1 vial WLP 001 California Ale Yeast
1.00 lbs Lactose
4.00 oz Strawberry Extract
1 vial Wilton Edible gold glitter
1/3 cup table sugar for priming


In 1 gallon water, steep grains at 150 for 45 minutes.
Sparge to collect 3 gallons.
Bring to a boil, and add hops. Boil for 45 minutes.
Add Whirfloc, and boil 15 minutes more.
Remove from heat, cool to at least 80, then pitch yeast.
Ferment at room temperature (72) for 1 week.
Disolve lactose and strawberry extract in two cups boiling water. Add to secondary
Transfer beer to secondary and let settle for 10 days.
Add 1/4 tsp glitter to each bottle, then cap and store for at least 1 week before chilling.

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