As-of-Yet Unnamed Doppelbock

Brewed 3/6/11

I had to wait until March to brew this one. The yeast does best at 50, and brunhilde, unplugged, would not get above 35 in the cold New Mexico winter. It was definitely worth the wait, however. These things turned out very rich, malty, and delicious. Perhaps a tad on the hoppy side, there is good balance, and the style really comes through.


Initial 1.091
Transfer 1.028
Final 1.028
8.27% ABV How is this calculated?


8.33 lb Light Munich LME
2 lb Extra light DME
1.0 lb Carahell malt
1.0 oz Carafa malt
2.0 oz Hallertauer pellets, 4.0% (60 min.)
1.0 oz Hallertauer pellets, 4.0% (40 min.)
1 Vial WLP 820 Oktoberfest/Marzen yeast
1 tsp Irish Moss


Heat 3.5 gallons water to 150
Steep grains for 30 minutes
Add DME and LME and bring to a boil
Add 2 oz Hallertau hops and boil 20 minutes
Add remaining 1 oz hops and boil 35 minutes more
Add Irish Moss and continue boil 5 more minutes
Cool to 80 and pitch yeast
Ferment 2 weeks at 50, then rack into secondary
Lager at 35 for 3 weeks before bottling
Store at room temperature for 2 weeks before chilling

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