Maple Nut Brown Ale

Brewed 5/31/14
Bottled 7/19/14

Christy wanted a maple nut brown. I made her a maple nut brown. There's a hoppy bitterness and a strange sweetness. It doesn't taste like maple, but I can't really say what it does taste like. Christy can't identify it either, but she says she likes it. The underlying brown is good, with malty notes. We'll see how the balloon crew warms up to it in October.


Original: 1.055
Transfer: 1.010
Final: 1.004
6.69% ABV How is this calculated?


8.00 lbs Maris Otter malt
0.50 lbs Special Roast malt
0.50 lbs Crystal (20) malt
0.50 lbs Crystal (120) malt
0.25 lbs Pale Chocolate malt
0.50 oz Mt Hood hop pellets (5.4%) (First Wort)
1.00 oz Mt Hood hop pellets (5.4%) @ 60 minutes
1 vial WLP005 (British Ale) yeast
1/2 tablet Whirfloc
16 oz dark amber maple syrup


Mash in 3.5 gallons water at 150 for 1 hour.
Add 0.50 oz hops to the boil kettle, then sparge to obtain 5 gallons.
Bring to a boil and add 1.00 oz hop pellets.
Boil 45 minutes, then add Whirfloc.
Boil 15 minutes more. Cool to 80, then pitch yeast.
Ferment at 70 for four weeks.
Transfer to secondary, add maple syrup, and let settle for 3 more weeks.
Bottle condition, or keg @ 36/12psi

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