Gingerbread Ale

Brewed 11/10/13
Bottled 12/1/13

Liquid Cake. That's how this recipe was described. Christy said I had to make it.

Well, it didn't quite turn out as "liquid cake", but it's still pretty good. The clove really overpowers the other spices, and there's a hoppiness that presents itself on the back end. Certainly not bad, and definitely worthy of sharing around the holidays.


Initial 1.052
Transfer 1.018
Final 1.015
4.86% ABV How is this calculated?


5.75 lbs Marris Otter Pale Malt
1.25 lbs Crisp Brown Malt
6.6 oz Pale Chocolate Malt
6.6 oz Golden Naked Oats
6.6 oz Brittish Crystal Malt (60)
6.6 oz Flaked Barley
1 oz UK East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (7.2%) @ 45 min

4 grams Ground Cinnamon
2 grams Ground Ginger
1 gram Ground Allspice
1 gram Ground Cloves

1/2 tablet Whirfloc
1 vial WLP 007 Dry English Ale yeast
.75 cup table sugar for priming


In 3.5 gallons water, steep grains at 150 for 45 minutes.
Sparge at 175 to collect 4.5 gallons
60 minute boil, add hops after 15 minutes.
Add Whirfloc with 15 minutes remaining.
Add spices at flameout.
Remove from heat, cool to 75, then pitch yeast.
Ferment at room temperature (70) for 2 weeks or until the airlock goes flat.
Transfer to secondary and let settle for 1 week before bottling.
Bottle and store for at least 1 week before chilling.

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