Brewed 7/21/13
Bottled 8/25/13

This is exactly what it sounds like; a cherry-flavored hefeweizen. Almost the same recipe as Back to Basics, with locally-grown cherries added to the secondary.

Unfortunately, these ended up tasting like cough syrup. There is a harshness and bitterness that has no place in a hefe, and it's possible the cherries added some wild yeast or bacteria. We'll give it a few weeks to see if it mellows out, but the outlook is not good.

On the plus side, the cherries added a good amount of sugar to the batch, resulting in a very high ABV. If they don't taste good, at least you won't care after drinking a few of them.


Initial 1.069
Transfer 1.012
Final 1.007
8.14% ABV How is this calculated?


6 lbs Munton's Wheat DME (55%/45%)
.25 lb Munich malt
2 oz German Hallertau hops pellets (4.3%)
1 pouch 3638 Wyeast Bavarian Wheat yeast
2 lbs sweet red cherries, puréed.
.50 cup sugar (priming)


Begin heating 5 gallons water to a boil.
When the temperature reaches 150°, begin steeping Munich malt in a grain bag.
At 180°, remove Munich malt (about 15 minutes).
Add DME and continue to bring to a boil.
Once boiling, add hops and boil for 60 minutes.
Remove kettle from heat and cool to at least 80°.
Add yeast, and ferment at 75° for 2 weeks.
Transfer to secondary fermenter and add cherries.
Let settle for 2 weeks, then bottle.
Store at room temperature for at least 2 weeks before chilling.

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