Can't Say Out Loud Dark Ale

Brewed 10/20/13
Bottled 11/10/13

You can call this a "fire sale" ale. I got rid of some odds and ends when making this beer, so there is no base style. There is, however, a very special ingredient that cannot, for the moment, be mentioned outside the states of Washington and Colorado. All I can say is See twenty-one Aitch thirty Oh two.

Since I am subject to random screening, I only had a very small taste of these. I think they actually work out quite well. They are hoppy, malty, and a bit on the funky side. Christy said they taste grassy. I like to call it earthy. The special ingredient is noticable, and if that doesn't get you, the 6.3% alcohol will have you feeling fine in no time.


Initial 1.053
Transfer 1.005
Final 1.005
6.30% ABV How is this calculated?


8.0 lbs 2-row malt
0.5 lbs Carafa II malt
2 oz Citra hop pellets (11.4%)
1 vial White Labs WLP001 California Ale yeast
1/2 tablet Whirfloc
1/2 cup sugar (priming)
9 oz Secret Ingredient, pulverized


Mash in 3.5 gallons water at 150
Sparge at 175 to obtain 4 gallons.
Boil 15 minutes, then add 1oz Citra hops.
Boil 30 minutes more, then add remaining 1oz Citra hops and Whirfloc.
Continue Boil for 15 minutes more (60 total).
Cool to at least 80 and pitch yeast.
Ferment in primary for 7 days, then transfer to secondary.
Pulverize special ingredient, put into grain bag, and add bag to secondary.
Allow to steep and settle for 2 weeks, then bottle.
Store at room temperature for at least 1 week before drinking.

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