Black Hefeweizen

Brewed 8/11/12
Kegged 9/10/12

Basically, this is a traditional hefeweizen with a pound of midnight wheat. The color is on par with a dunkelweizen, so maybe it should be called "Chocolate Brown Hefeweizen". I am proud to say that this batch let me experience my first stuck sparge.

I'm on a quest to find that elusive bubblegum flavor that can be associated with wheat beers. We're trying a new strain of yeast to help facilitate that. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. There is a harshness to this one, more than likely caused by fermenting too warm. There's some malt, but it's not the flavors I would normally associate with a Hefe.

After a few glasses, the 7.5+ percent kicks in, and you don't notice the flavor so much. Just try not to piss on the keyboard while you wait for the keg to finally float.


Original: 1.070
Transfer: 1.014
Final: 1.012
7.61% ABV How is this calculated?


7 lbs malted wheat
6.5 lbs 2-row pale malted barley
1 lb midnight wheat
1 oz Hallertauer hops pellets (4.7%)
1 oz US Saaz hops pellets (4.9%)
1 pouch Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat yeast
1 tablet wirfloc


Mash with 5 gallons water at 150 for 30 minutes.
Sparge to collect 6 gallons.
Bring to a boil and add 1 oz Hallertauer hops.
After 45 minutes, add 1 oz Saaz hops and 1 tablet whirfloc.
Continue boil for 15 more minutes.
Cool to 80, pitch yeast, and ferment at 74 for 10 days.
Transfer to secondary and let settle for 20 days.
Keg at 37 @ 17 PSI

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