Why Not? English Barleywine

2nd place, Strong Ales (19B), 2010 Lunar Rendezbrew

Brewed 10/25/09 specifically for the BBBB.

Bottled on 3/7/10, these are suprisingly good, even at this young age. The malt definitely takes the forefront in both aroma and taste. I picked up rasin and plum notes, with a warm alcohol finish. Christy likes it, and she never likes beer, so that's saying something.

This beer put me out of my comfort zone. Not quite advanced, but definitely more than intermediate. Shall we call this one "Intermanced"? I think I like "Advantermediate" better. The recipe was originally meant for all-grain, but I found a nifty conversion chart that showed the equivalent LME amounts of a successful mash/sparge. The yeast starter was quite effective, and fermentation in the primary began just 2 hours after the initial pitch.

I realize they need much more time to age, but since they only have 2 months from bottling to judging, we will just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.


Initial 1.116 !
Transfer 1.030
Final 1.030
11.29% ABV How is this calculated?


13.5 lbs pale LME (10, 3, and .5 lb segments)
2.5 lbs light crystal malt (20L)
2.25 lbs Cara-Pils
2 lbs Munich I
1 lb malted wheat
.125 lbs chocolate malt
1 oz UK Phoenix hop pellets (10%)
3 oz UK First Gold hop pellets (8%)
1 oz US Golding hop pellets (4.1%)
1 pouch Wyeast 1007 German Ale yeast (starter)
1 pouch Wyeast 1318 London Ale yeast
1 tsp irish moss


Disolve 1/2 lb LME into a quart of water. Heat to boiling for 5 minutes, then cool to 80.
Transfer to carboy and pitch German Ale yeast. Allow to proof at least 24 hours.

Bring 4 gallons water to 150, then steep grains for 45 minutes between 150 and 175.
Disolve 10 lbs LME and bring to a boil.
Add Phoenix and one oz First Gold hops and boil for 30 minutes.
Add 2 oz First Gold hops. Continue boil for 30 additional minutes.
Disolve 3 lbs LME and continue boil for 15 minutes.
Add 1 tsp irish moss and boil 15 minutes.
In the last minute of the boil, add 1 oz US Golding hops.
Cool to at least 90, then transfer to primary. Add enough water to make 5 gallons.
Pitch entire contents of yeast starter as well as London Ale yeast.
Ferment in primary for 2 weeks, then transfer to secondary for 4 months. (Yes, months).
Bottle, and store at least 2 months (yes, months) before enjoying.

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